Did you know that some parts of Earth still have no access to the internet?

Can you imagine a life without internet? Believe it or not, even today there exists a part of the population in the world who are unaware of or unable to access the magic network called the Internet. The other part cannot survive with accessing internet and its facilities. If you are in that part of the world that cannot pass a day or maybe a couple of hours also without internet, then consider yourself to be one of the lucky few.

According to The State of Broadband, which is a report released by The UN Broadband Commission, 57 percent of the population still has no access to the internet. This includes 90 % of the people who live in underdeveloped nations. As per this report, countries of Asia and the Middle East have the highest household broadband penetration.


The Republic of Korea has 98.5 % of homes with internet facility. Next, comes Qatar at 98 percent followed by Saudi Arabia at 94 percent. The lowest ranking goes to Guinea, Somalia, Burundi and Eritrea where less than 2% of the population have access to the internet.

The report was so shocking to the rest of the world who enjoyed using the net as they realized that it can also be called as one of the luxuries in life. Facebook decided to collaborate with the French satellite operator Eutelsat so that they could provide broadband internet to sub-Saharan Africa. Both the companies formed a multiyear agreement with satellite communications firm Spacecom. They plan to use AMOS-6 satellite which will be useful in beaming internet connections across Sub-Saharan Africa. The entire project is to be conducted and brought into operation very soon. The satellite is expected to start functioning by the second half of 2016. So keep your fingers crossed and expect the sub-Saharan regions to come online at the onset of the New Year!