Are You Ready For The Launch- Radio app Provides Nonstop Enjoyment Anywhere And Everywhere

Australians are a bunch of music lovers. They love to listen to all kinds of music and enjoy life. Radio stations are very popular there and strive to provide all kinds of services to their listeners. Believe it or not, Australia has over 250 commercial and public radio stations. According to a research group GfK, Australians spend around 6 hours of a week to listen to their favorite shows on radio. This shows how much they enjoy and find time to listen to these shows. Studies have proved that in spite of so many online channels and streaming programs, almost 65% of the shows listened to are on the Radio.

RadioApp is the latest launch which is the result of combined efforts of the radio stations in Australia.
It was introduced to the world at the Commercial Radio Australia conference in Melbourne on Friday morning (Oct. 7). RadioApp will be launched by November end. All the Apple and Google stores will have the App free to download .The best part of this RadioApp is that listeners will be able to find a radio station near them whatever platform they are using.

The Australians will no longer be limited by geographic limitations of radio waves air reach. They can tune into radio stations provided they have a mobile signal. This superb App has been developed by All in Media. They have introduced a wake-up and doze off function. This helps the listeners to wake and doze off listening to a particular station. This venture shows how a strong collaboration exists across both commercial and public broadcasters in Australia. It is the first time that the Australian networks have created their own platform and is surely something that Australian listeners can be very proud of.

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Going ahead with sun setting of FM

Norway is the first country to do away with the FM stations. According to the officials, the main reasons are the increasing costs involved in maintaining the FM network coverage. The deep fjords, mountain ranges and scattered settlement pattern make it really expensive to continue to operate the FM network. As per Norway’s culture minister, Linda C. Hofstad-Helleland, they will be moving over to make the transition to Digital Audio Broadcasting by 2017. This proposal was placed in 2011. When shifting to DAB, it is estimated that the transmission costs will be reduced by eight times than it was for FM transmission.

Contrary to the popular belief, listeners will benefit more from the change. They will be able to enjoy more pluralistic radio-content. They will have access to a more diverse range of programs and will experience better sound quality and functionality as well. The DAB network is more advanced and technologically upgraded. It will allow around 40 national channels, including the existing 22 which are already in use, whereas FM had only 5 National channels.

The objections raised were perhaps based on the fact that people would lose their jobs and the remaining uncertainty. However as the officials have pointed out, it is time to accept change. Moreover, the cut down in expenditure is also a great reason to accept radio digitalization. The population coverage of DAB network is also far better than that of the FM network. More citizens would be able to enjoy the facilities if DAB network comes into existence. As per reliable sources, from 2017 onwards, People living in sparsely populated parts will be able to enjoy all the channels being broadcasted. Presently they can enjoy only a single channel.

Listeners are also getting to choose which digital radio technology they wish to use. In addition to all this, Internet Radio also will function well. To summarize, the People of Norway are in for a full ride to all the broadcasting channels and shows shortly.

A Giant Leap In The Radio Industry, Welcome “Digital Expansion “

The UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, the Right Honorable John Whittingdale MP launched an exciting venture called “National Retune” initiative. This was hosted by talkSPORT presenter, Colin Murray. The program was held at an industry conference, Drive to Digital: National Now. The initiative aims at major expansion of coverage of digital radio stations for over 20 million households in the UK. They are also being given a major selection of choice. This is indeed a great significant leap in the radio industry.

The function included an official switch-on by John Whittingdale MP of the UK’s second national DAB digital radio multiplex network. Steve Holebrook, managing director of Arqiva Terrestrial Broadcast and chairman of Sound Digital, was also present during the switch on. Listeners were asked to retune their digital radios to enjoy all the services provided.
The new network will have 18 digital radio stations including the current ones. The population coverage will also be greater and more people will be able to enjoy all the services. Over 10 million people and 10,000 kilometers of roads will come into coverage by the end of the year as per reliable sources. Almost all the residents of UK have welcomed this new venture which will bring more channels for their entertainment.